Xembly and Yahoo!

Welcome to Xembly for Yahoo!

Supporting our teams well and improving our effectiveness are top Yahoo! priorities.

To support this, we have found and approved a solution called Xembly. Xembly is an AI chief of staff: an all-in-one copilot combining the power of an EA and Chief of Staff to automate task work for you and your team.

Install Chrome Extension

Need help? Visit the Tips and Tricks page anytime for product walkthrough & FAQs.

Install Xembly and Get Started.


Install the Chrome extension and complete the onboarding flow
(be sure to connect Google Meet during this process).

Install Chrome Extension Xembly in Chrom Web Store. Red circle highlighting the add to Chrome button.


You must join the #xembly-poc channel
(required for the Slack connector to work).

Screenshot of Slack channels with the xembly-poc channel highlighted.


When complete, Xena, a conversational assistant, will send you a message via Slack and begin highlighting how to use the product with daily tips. This may take a few minutes.

Screenshot of welcome message from Xena in Slack.

Note: You must be in the #xembly-poc Slack channel before you can interact with Xena and use the product.


Once onboarded, you will receive Slack DMs from Xena, sharing use cases, as well as a welcome email explaining how to use the product.


Patrick Tesh (Xembly Customer Success) holds optional office hours weekly to answer questions and share best practices. As you onboard, he will send a calendar invite. You can also book time with him directly here.

Patrick is available for any questions via DM in the #xembly-poc channel or at ptesh@xembly.com.

What can Xembly do?

Xembly can execute a variety of tasks for you including:

  • Capture meeting notes and action items (eliminates human note taking)
  • Create accountability (assists meeting attendees in completing action items)
  • Priority / to-do list management (improves task completion)
  • Meeting scheduling at a convenient time for all (puts an end to calendar tetris)
  • Calendar optimization (protects and optimizes your schedule)

Common questions answered.

Visit the Tips and Tricks page anytime for product walkthrough & FAQs.

Additionally, here's a quick reference to common questions:


Q: Where can I ask product questions or provide feedback?

You can provide feedback directly in the #xembly-poc channel.

Q: Will my calendar turn upside down?

No. Xembly is user-driven, and will not move / change events unless instructed by the user. Xembly will make recommendations to users (both in the Feed, as well as conversationally in Slack via Xena), but will wait for their acknowledgement and permission (if any).

Related to Xena (conversational interaction)

Q: Can Xena tell me a joke or write emails?

​Not yet. Xena (conversational assistant) is available in Slack and is focused on supporting calendar-related tasks, such as scheduling / rescheduling meetings, managing your priorities / to-dos, and providing recommendations on how to optimize your time.

Q: Can I text Xena from my phone?

​​Not yet. You can interact with Xena conversationally in Slack on your dedicated channel.

Q: What do the emojis mean when Xena replies?

​​✅ Request captured and is being executed against.
👀 Request will be completed shortly.
🚨 Unclear request / may need clarification, or the request is falling back for human review so hang tight.

Q: Is there latency with Xena interaction?

​​Sometimes. It depends on the request. For priority / task execution (such as Reminders and Block Time), you should experience little to no latency regarding the captured request. For scheduling, you may experience latency as the system looks for appropriate scheduling times.

Q: Can I use Xena to also schedule external meetings?

​​Yes. Simply cc: Xena@Xembly.com on any email with the requested scheduling task. Make sure the attendee is copied on the email and / of their email alias is available. For example → @xena schedule Team Meeting with Charlie this week. Xena will default the event to your preferences and schedule a 30-minute meeting unless otherwise directed. Xena will also be able to handle any back-and-forth scheduling / rescheduling requests once added to the initial string.

Q: What if I don't want to use Xena for external scheduling?

​​You also have a personal meeting link you can find in your Xembly extension in Settings.

Related to Summary (meeting notes and action item capture)

Q: Can I turn on Summary for a meeting if I'm an attendee?

​No. Users can only enable Summary for a meeting they own. This is to ensure proper security and data control.

Q: Can I turn on Summary after the meeting starts?

​Yes. You can enable Summary for meetings up to 2.5 hours. For longer meetings, such as a long offsite, users must segment the meeting into sub 2.5 hour events.

Q: Where can I find my Summary?

​Summary is available by checking the feed and/or clicking on the actual meeting event, then the Summary tab.

Q: Can Summary be shared automatically?

Yes. Users can elect to automatically share Summary with their attendees. If auto-share is not set, then only the Organizer will receive a Summary and it's up to them to view, approve, and then share with attendees.

Q: Can I share a Summary to a running Google Doc?

Yes. Users can publish to a new Google Doc or append to an existing document the team already utilizes. (See here)

Q: Can I get help making sure attendees complete their tasks?

Yes. Xembly addresses the accountability gap between great discussions and action item execution. When a Summary is shared, meeting attendees who use Xembly automatically have their Action Item commitment(s) added to their Task Manager. From there, they can block time or add a reminder to complete these priorities. Xena may also nudge them to complete their work. In time, we will alert the organizer regarding action item completion rates. (See here).

Q: What new features and updates are coming to Xembly?

Check out our product roadmap for upcoming releases.