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Xembly provides a Chrome Extension for those using Google Calendar at Work. If you’re on a mobile device, please switch to your laptop. If you’re an Outlook user, please join the waitlist while we work on support for Outlook.

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Xembly: An automated chief of staff

Xembly is an automated chief of staff for every knowledge worker, from the most junior to the C-suite. Xembly is currently in beta for select users and is used by category-leading companies worldwide, from start-ups to the Fortune 500.

Here’s how the Xembly Chrome Extension can help with all the tasks that slow you down:

  • Schedule meetings
  • Set a meeting goal and agenda items
  • Add meeting notes
  • Automatically summarize your meetings
  • Tracking action items automatically
  • Gives you automated feedback and actionable recommendations to improve future meetings

Data from your use of the extension is treated in accordance with Xembly’s Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.