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Xembly is built to help you manage work

Across all of the services and platforms you use

So you can focus on what’s meaningful

Schedule effortlessly

Xembly handles the calendar chaos for you so scheduling a meeting is as easy as sending an email or Slack.

Like a great executive assistant, Xembly learns your habits and optimizes your schedule.

Meeting Summaries, made perfect

Sendings notes after your meetings keeps everyone informed and accountable. Now Xembly does that work for you. No need to decode a transcript.

Xembly automatically captures key meeting details, writes readable notes, and summarizes action items that matter.

To dos, finally getting done

The problem with to-do lists? No one makes time to help you do them. So your working hours become other people’s meeting hours.

Xembly automatically tracks your to-do list and blocks time on your calendar to get them done. Finally, your calendar reflects your priorities.

“A game changer. Its natural language capabilities make Xembly feel like a powerful member of our team. Its meeting notes are 100x more useful than a transcript and tracking action items is keeping us more organized and accountable.”

Juliet Horton, Chief of Staff, Product & EngineeringClient

“My engineering managers and product leaders are spending more time collaborating and creating and less time translating their meetings into action items and tickets, or managing the necessary follow-ups throughout the week.”

Tim Prouty, VP of EngineeringClient

“I was blown away when I saw @Xembly in action.”

John Thimsen, CTO Client

“Xembly is a solid 9 out of 10. The fact that I can wrap my brain around solution oriented thinking and technical solutions instead of note taking is brilliant.”

Martin Jarve, Technical Program ManagerClient

“… this is a huge timesaver and helps with a lot of the work we do; really good job at time management allowing me to work fewer hours overall …”

Arvind Ramnath, Client Data managerClient

“A top level business executive might be lucky enough to have a chief of staff […] Xembly aims to fill a similar role, with an automated NLP-powered AI platform.”


“We’ve offered Xembly as a perk for all employees, because offering support for everyday tasks frees everyone to operate more productively and intentionally – and the team couldn’t be happier.”

Amy Hutchins, CPOClient

“There’s been a ton of AI innovation lately. Xembly may be the best corporate productivity AI tool I’ve seen — huge impact for me + my team since we deployed last year. AI-based scheduling, summaries, and calendar management is a game changer!”

Phi Vo, COOClient

“Xena from @MeetXembly is 10x Amy ...”

Tayo Oviosu, Founder & Group CEOClient