Make every day meaningful

An automated chief of staff to handle the tasks that slow you down.

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Make every day meaningful

A conversational AI assistant to handle the tasks that slow you down.

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The most productive leaders in the world trust Xembly

Xena emailed me a meeting summary complete with action items — such as the need to follow up for screen grabs — and a bulleted recap of our 30-minute conversation.

A top level business executive might be lucky enough to have a chief of staff […] Xembly aims to fill a similar role, with an automated NLP-powered AI platform.

I was blown away when I saw @Xembly in action. This product is so exciting and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they are building!

Everyone deserves a perfectly organized and effective worklife, not just high-performing CEOs

Like the most seasoned chief of staff, Xembly improves your worklife by automating your daily tasks so you can be your best throughout the work week.

  • Scheduling / rescheduling meetings and eliminating conflicts

  • Finding focus time for your priorities

  • Creating agendas

  • Summarizing meetings, action items, and owners

  • Improving meetings, and optimizing how you spend your time

See what our users are saying about their Xembly experience

“Xembly has been kind of life changing, to be honest. The proactive calendar management is great, but I really love the functionality around scheduling time for tasks, and keeping them on the docket until you’ve done them. Xena keeps me on point! :)”

Liz Tassey
VP, Marketing @

“My engineering managers and product leaders are spending more time collaborating and creating and less time translating their meetings into action items and tickets, or managing the necessary follow-ups throughout the week.”

Tim Prouty
VP, Engineering @

“We’ve offered Xembly as a perk for all employees because offering support for everyday tasks frees everyone to operate more productively and intentionally.”

Amy Hutchins

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