Meet the Team

Xembly’s founding team includes conversational AI pioneers and enterprise leaders.

Pete (CEO) was a co-founder and CEO of Marchex, a publicly-traded conversational analytics business; he led teams to develop and scale conversational analytics products from the ground-up to tens-of-thousands of customers worldwide.

Pete (CEO)
Jason (CTO)

Jason (CTO) was responsible for product and engineering of Marchex’s conversational products; automated real-time summarization and insights across 100M+ conversations annually. Jason was a founding member of Microsoft HoloLens and Kinect Camera teams; a primary inventor of open microphone speech recognition. 40+ patents in conversational AI and natural language innovations.

Peter (CGO) was Global Head of Growth at Qualtrics where he was responsible for launching and running enterprise demand generation, self-service and PLG motions. Prior to Qualtrics, he was VP/GM of Digital Growth at T-Mobile and category lead for Kindle Devices at Amazon. Peter holds multiple patents in SEO and mobile commerce.

Peter (CGO)

Courtney (Head of Revenue & Customer Success) has held a variety of GTM and Leadership positions in Media and Technology, including the Head of US Field Sales at Yahoo, as leading Yahoo’s integration into Verizon. She has a passion for strategic partnerships and net new revenue growth; with a career starting in investment banking, to product management, and a passion for building teams and scaling growth.

Carrie (VP, Customer Success) was VP of Customer Success at KnowBe4 and Marchex, where she led teams to support and grow customer relationships across a $100M+ book-of-business.

Carrie (VP, Customer Success)
Ziad (COO)

Ziad (COO) was the first Chief Product Officer at Convoy, where he brought AI and automation to commercial logistics and scaled the company from Series A to a Series E valuation of $3.8 billion. Most recently, Ismail was Chief Operating Officer at H1, a global healthcare data platform connecting the world to the right doctors.