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How Xembly saved H1 4,900 labor hours every year

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Learn how H1 saved 4,900 labor hours per year with help from Xembly, the leading AI Chief of Staff.
I turn Xembly on for every meeting I own. It gives me the ability to be fully engaged in my 1:1s. It used to take me an extra 15 minutes to build and compile my notes, plus the time taking notes in the 1:1s. Now it’s automatic!

Tanuja Paruchuri

Director of Sales Enablement



H1 is the connecting force for global healthcare providers, bringing clinical, scientific and research information together in one place. Like many companies, H1 is focused on operating more effectively and supporting their team across hybrid work environments.

Upon realizing there were many disparate, non-approved productivity solutions used across the company, H1’s senior leadership team was interested in finding a secure, organization-wide solution to improve the ways teams interact and get work done: 

  1. Cost-effectively increase the impact of every team and employee
  2. Full scope product to support various collaboration scenarios
  3. Improve meeting culture and maintain best practices
  4. Eliminate redundant and non-approved productivity tools
  5. Align product roadmap and resources
  6. Meet data control, privacy, and compliance security best practices

Download the PDF to discover how Xembly transformed the way H1 operates.