Productivity Hero Spotlight

In our Productivity Hero Spotlight series, we interview enterprise leaders to learn how they think about productivity and how they got to where they are in their careers. In this productivity hero spotlight, we learn how Miru Gunarajah uses AI to accelerate Revenue Operations at Qualtrics.

Miru Gunarajah

Miru Gunarajah

SVP of Revenue Operations

Case Studies

“There’s been a ton of AI innovation lately. Xembly may be the best corporate productivity AI tool I’ve seen — huge impact for me + my team since we deployed last year. AI-based scheduling, summaries, and calendar management is a game changer!”

Phi Voo

COO, Luxury Presence

Use Cases

Scott Nelson
“I equate using Xembly to the day I changed from flip phone to iPhone.”

Scott Nelson, EVP @ Docker

John Thimsen
“I was blown away when I saw @Xembly in action.”

John Thimsen, Former CTO

Eli Zevin
"Loving Xembly so far - have been recommending it to colleagues nonstop! Thank you for building such an awesome tool. Look forward to seeing how it continues to develop."

Eli Zevin, Director, Enterprise Implementation Services

Scott Hogrefe
"The value is clear - Xembly is beginning to change behaviors and enforce compliance. We are saving a ton of time."

Scott Hogrefe, VP of Marketing & Communications

Martin Jarve
“Xembly is a solid 9 out of 10. The fact that I can wrap my brain around solution oriented thinking and technical solutions instead of note taking is brilliant.”

Martin Järve, Global Regulatory Technical Lead

Amy Hutchins
“We’ve offered Xembly as a perk for all employees, because offering support for everyday tasks frees everyone to operate more productively and intentionally – and the team couldn’t be happier.”

Amy Hutchins, Former CPO

Courtney Saye
"This is better than any real life EA. No one follows up like this."

Courtney Saye, Former CFO

Michael Hopkins
"Xembly has been a game-changer - going far beyond traditional solutions that blindly move meetings around our busy calendars. Xembly actually understands our meetings and priorities and focuses our time on what’s actually important, which has meaningfully improved our productivity."

Michael Hopkins, VP, Go to Market

Jonathan Siddarth
"A new generation of companies are leading the way in integrating LLMs with real task automation. Xembly is a great example of a team using LLMs + proprietary models for proficient AI automation of work."

Jonathan Siddarth, CEO