Boost your team’s productivity with AI

We’re entering a new era of work and productivity, make sure your company isn’t left behind. Xembly’s enterprise-grade AI-powered productivity platform gives each team member an extra 8 hours per week by taking tedious tasks like scheduling, note-taking, and time-optimization off their plates. Leading companies like Twilio and Docker are already using Xembly to boost team productivity.

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The only AI productivity platform that does the work for you

Xembly is the only AI-powered enterprise platform designed from the ground up to elevate your company's productivity. Xembly delivers a best-in-class AI-powered productivity platform that is intuitive, secure, and easily integrated with existing tools. Xembly’s AI executive assistant automates and consolidates scheduling, note-taking, and task management in one suave solution.

+8 hours

Every employee gets an extra day of productivity, every week.


Get 28% more tasks completed with Xembly’s task manager.

Having an all-in-one product that seamlessly handles the ins and outs of how we work, compared to using separate productivity apps, has been a game-changer for us. We are more efficient, accountable and at ease because we’re not dropping balls.”

Mike De Loia
Sr. Director, Workforce Productivity

Scheduling. Done.

Xembly automates and optimizes your schedule. All of your scheduling happens in tools and systems you've already deployed including Google Workspace and Slack. Xembly integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows and takes them into the AI-powered productivity era.

Alignment on next steps

What if everyone in your company stopped taking meeting notes and focused their attention on the conversation at hand? Would you get better ideas? Better discussions? Better decision-making? With Xembly, you can. Your AI executive assistant, Xena, captures meeting notes, recaps, and action items for everyone and shares them automatically (encrypted and securely of course). That way, everyone leaves the meeting being on the same page. Literally.

Tasks: Assigned. Tracked. Completed.

Xembly’s proprietary algorithm is industry-leading in capturing tasks originating from meetings, including who committed to doing what exactly. Your meeting summary will show action items, owners, and due dates. Xena quickly schedules time for completing tasks and auto-moves calendar blocks if a task has not been completed. The auto-move feature results in a 28% higher task completion rate.

Seamless integration

Rather than introducing yet another destination for your employees, our scheduling and task management solutions are designed for compatibility with your existing enterprise stack. Xena, your AI executive assistant integrates seamlessly with your existing calendar and chat systems. Xembly also provides deep, native, and company-specific integrations with your business critical workflows such as Slack, Salesforce/Hubspot, project management solutions like Asana/Jira/Clickup, and a variety of other systems and tools.

Xena improving meetings

Enriched productivity analytics

Employee activity is not the same as employee productivity. Xembly brings a new kind of productivity metric to the table. With the ability to capture action items from meetings, you can now focus on employee impact. Meeting notes and employee schedules become actionable insights, and Xembly’s advanced analytics provide the C-suite with real-time productivity data like average number of action items captured in meetings.

Compliance and audit logging

Stay on top of complex regulatory and security requirements with Xembly. Precise logging and access logs allow you to satisfy the most stringent controls and standards in the industry and ensure compliance with international standards like GDPR and SOC2. Customizable data retention policies ensure efficient storage management and audit readiness, and benefit from enhanced data security and access controls.

Xembly Admin Panel
Xemply Settings Panel

Control and customization

Automatically consolidate signups from managed domains and subdomains in the admin dashboard where you can set team features and policies and review company activity in a single location.

Secure and compliant

Xembly adheres to privacy and security standards incl. 
SOC II, GDPR, and Privacy Shield. Learn more

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Streamline your productivity stack with Xembly

Most productivity solutions help you do one thing and one thing alone. Whether it’s scheduling, meeting notes, or to-dos, most tools work in a vacuum, failing to consider how they play into other parts of your work life.

With Xembly you have a single platform for scheduling, taking meetings notes, and tracking action items so you can optimize your work day and impact in one fell swoop.

Cut your tech spend and get thousands of extra employee-hours by consolidating your productivity stack with Xembly.

“A top level business executive might be lucky enough to have a chief of staff […] Xembly aims to fill a similar role, with an automated NLP-powered AI platform.”
“I equate using Xembly to the day I changed from flip phone to iPhone.”
Scott Nelson, EVP @ Docker
“There’s been a ton of AI innovation lately. Xembly may be the best corporate productivity AI tool I’ve seen — huge impact for me + my team since we deployed last year. AI-based scheduling, summaries, and calendar management is a game changer!”
Phi Vo, COO
"Loving Xembly so far - have been recommending it to colleagues nonstop! Thank you for building such an awesome tool. Look forward to seeing how it continues to develop."
Eli Zevin, Director, Enterprise Implementation Services
"A new generation of companies are leading the way in integrating LLMs with real task automation.

Xembly is a great example of a team using LLMs + proprietary models for proficient AI automation of work."
Jonathan Siddarth, CEO
"Xembly has been a game-changer - going far beyond traditional solutions that blindly move meetings around our busy calendars. Xembly actually understands our meetings and priorities and focuses our time on what’s actually important, which has meaningfully improved our productivity."
Michael Hopkins, VP, Go to Market
"My initial reaction was this is amazing. It’s a great fit for the work culture we are in at Navan and with my team. To me, it’s been a great help, even like the first couple days. I can already see value - it’s helping us stay organized and save time."
Andrew Stojanow, Senior Compliance Manager
"This is better than any real life EA. No one follows up like this."
Courtney Saye, CFO
"The value is clear - Xembly is beginning to change behaviors and enforce compliance. We are saving a ton of time."
Scott Hogrefe, VP of Marketing & Communications
“We’ve offered Xembly as a perk for all employees, because offering support for everyday tasks frees everyone to operate more productively and intentionally – and the team couldn’t be happier.”
Amy Hutchins, CPO
“… this is a huge timesaver and helps with a lot of the work we do; really good job at time management allowing me to work fewer hours overall …”
Arvind Ramnath, Client Data manager
“My engineering managers and product leaders are spending more time collaborating and creating and less time translating their meetings into action items and tickets, or managing the necessary follow-ups throughout the week.”
Tim Prouty, VP of Engineering
“Xembly is a solid 9 out of 10. The fact that I can wrap my brain around solution oriented thinking and technical solutions instead of note taking is brilliant.”
Martin Jarve, Technical Program Manager