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Announcing Xembly Tasks

Ziad Ismail
Oct 12, 2023
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The new Task Manager feature saves knowledge workers 8 hours of tedious work each week and has quickly become a darling among users. Read all about it here.
Two people are celebrating the 8 hours they saved on tedious work with a high-five

As we spent time with Xembly users, we quickly realized it isn’t enough to capture notes and summarize meetings. The reality is that people are jumping from meeting to meeting and rarely have time to actually review notes

The most important thing is to identify the action items and help users close things out. Over the past six months, we have been working on helping you identify & complete tasks within your existing workflow.

1 | Identifying tasks

The first step is accurately identifying tasks. The average meeting has 4.7 action items. However, only a small subset of action items are captured accurately. 

We have focused on training a purpose-built system to automatically identify tasks from the meeting while eliminating non-work commitments  (“You should really check out the new U2 show at The Sphere!”).

After each meeting, you get your tasks automatically summarized with owners and dates.

Xembly automatically summarize each meeting with action items, owners and due dates.

You can also quickly generate ad hoc tasks as these come up and they are captured by Xembly.

With a simple request, Xembly can capture ad hoc action items.

2 | Blocking time for action items from meetings

A best practice is to block time to complete tasks. For tasks that are important to complete in a timely manner, Xembly helps you block time on your calendar. You just click block time and Xembly finds time on your calendar.

Xembly helps you block time to complete important action items from meetings.

3 | Auto-moving blocked time when you need more time to complete a task

If you complete a task, just mark it done, or delete it from your calendar, and Xena will consider it completed. If you haven’t completed the task and haven’t deleted the event on your calendar, Xena moves the reminder or task to a future date. We found that the completion rate goes up from 64% to 82% by helping people block time for tasks (that’s a 28% increase in task completion).

Xembly intelligently finds more time for tasks that aren’t completed.

4 | Works perfectly within your existing Workflow

All your tasks from Xembly can also be easily synchronized within whatever workflow you use. We have already seen users synchronize Xembly tasks with Asana, ClickUp, Coda, Hubspot, Notion, Salesforce, and many others.

Xembly automatically synchronizes with your tool of choice. In this case, Notion.

Xembly Tasks is available now. If you are not already using Xembly, sign up for a free trial today, and save 8 hours of tedious work each week. Get started here.

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