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Calendar AI

Ziad Ismail
Jun 26, 2023
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The next generation of calendar software that helps you manage your time by deeply understanding what happens in meetings.
Calendar AI

Announcing Calendar AI for Xena

The next generation of calendar software that helps you manage your time by deeply understanding what happens in meetings. Breakthroughs in AI allow for a new approach to calendaring that eliminates scheduling bottlenecks and reduces meeting burden by 20%.

Overwhelmed calendars have become the top concern for knowledge workers. With all the technology available to us, a staggering number of people struggle to manage their schedule effectively. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 38% of meetings attended by US office workers were considered a waste of their time

With the mounting pressure on companies to boost productivity and achieve more with limited resources, it's clear that current solutions have fallen short. Software that merely rearranges meetings like a game of "calendar Tetris" or implementing policies such as meeting-free Wednesdays simply aren’t effective.

We decided to approach the issue from a fresh perspective. Instead of attempting to integrate AI into existing solutions, we asked ourselves: what would a truly effective solution look like, one that addresses the root of the problem and revolutionizes the way we manage our time?

Here is the approach we took with Calendar AI:

  1. Calendar AI is conversational: The ideal solutions should be present directly in whatever workflow you are using and work naturally without any special knowledge.

Team members can talk to Xembly in email or Slack or in the browser just the way they would with another person. For instance, they can simply ask Xembly to "Find an hour with Jason and Carrie this afternoon to discuss Project AI,” and Xembly will get it scheduled. 

  1. Calendar AI is social: Meetings definitionally involve more than one person which immediately introduces conflicts. Once you get to three people it can be chaos.

Rather than just sending web links to calendars (Yes, we support that as well when you need it 😁), Calendar AI intelligently resolves scheduling conflicts in conversation with groups. For example, in a slack channel it surfaces the best options directly to the group and people can weigh in to make fast decisions. This avoids jumping between tools and changes a 30 minute task to 1 minute.

Calendar AI works in the places that you already work and helps you make smart decisions quickly.
  1. Calendar AI is contextual – understanding what happens in meetings to make better decisions: To help people prioritize, you need to actually understand what happens in the meetings. You can’t just be on the outside looking at rectangles on a web site.

Xembly can join meetings and understand a range of signals which let us understand which meetings you should attend. Xembly brings back the analysis to you and helps you make better decisions.

  1. Calendar AI can attend on your behalf: The reality is that sometimes you just can’t attend a meeting. You may have too much work this week, double-booked with two important meetings, or on vacation.

There is now a new choice, not just accept or decline. You can delegate Xembly to attend a meeting on your behalf to take notes, capture action items, and provide an accurate meeting summary. This helps you save time and ensures you don’t miss anything.

Calendar AI understands what happens in meetings and helps you better allocate your time to what actually matters.

We have been beta testing Calendar AI with our customers over the past 3 months. The results: Early feedback has been incredible and we have doubled our north star metric, Tasks Automated. 

"Xembly has been a game-changer – going far beyond traditional solutions that blindly move meetings around our busy calendars. Xembly actually understands our meetings and priorities and focuses our time on what's actually important, which has meaningfully improved our productivity.”
Michael Hopkins, VP, Go-to-Market at MNTN

Try it today and see how it can simplify your life and save you time every week. Xembly Calendar AI is now available for existing users. For a free trial, visit

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