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How AI Will Transform the Support Department

Eddie Wang
May 18, 2023
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With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), the support department is already hitting the precipice of a transformative revolution. In this article, we’ll explore how AI will revolutionize the support department and enhance the customer service experience for years to come.
Customer Service representative

The customer support department plays a crucial role in any business, serving traditionally as the bridge between the company and its customers. While support has often been viewed with a weary eye as everyone has likely had experiences searching inscrutable support documents or waited hours on the phone for a support call, support is also an invaluable resource for companies to build brand equity with their customers and prove their reliability as an organization. Historically, support has involved many labor-intensive processes, requiring human agents to handle inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and provide solutions. However, with the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), the support department is already hitting the precipice of a transformative revolution. In this article, we’ll explore how AI will revolutionize the support department and enhance the customer service experience for years to come.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

As ChatGPT, Bard, and other programs have swept across the consumer landscape in recent months, the average consumer’s awareness and appreciation for AI-powered chat experiences is rapidly increasing. Already for years, chatbots have been a mainstay of support experiences, but as technology grows to match the promise that these chatbots have for years been unable to fulfill, customers should expect richer experiences that are fully capable of understanding and responding to customer queries in a conversational mannerBy leveraging natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, chatbots can provide instant assistance, 24/7, without the need for human intervention. A finely tuned chatbot or virtual assistant can handle a wide range of routine inquiries, such as order status, product information, and basic troubleshooting. In many cases, this type of AI support can be powerfully supplemented by the option to defer to humans when chatbots are unable to fully answer the questions.

Improved Response Time and Efficiency

One of the key advantages of AI in the support department is its ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data at lightning speed. AI algorithms can quickly sift through knowledge bases, customer histories, and relevant documents to provide accurate and personalized responses. Compared with your average human who needs 8 hours of sleep, an AI agent can also function 24/7 and converse with a seemingly unlimited number of individuals at any given time.This allows for significantly reduced response times and easier staffing as customers can be assured a baseline level of support at most hours. By combining the output of AI chatbots alongside humans, the support team as a whole can vastly improve efficiency and accuracy as the self-learning and responding apparatus continues to grow to meet the customer’s needs.

Enhanced Customer Experience

AI brings a higher level of personalization to customer support interactions. By analyzing customer data and purchase histories, AI systems can offer tailored recommendations and solutions. These recommendations work hand-in-hand with the product team as some solutions may be preventative (e.g. better product UX) while others may be remediation (e.g. standardized support response for a common question).For example, an AI-powered support system can, provide personalized troubleshooting guides, direct customers to the right support department, or offer discounts based on a customer's preferences. These personalized interactions create a more engaging and satisfying experience for customers, strengthening their loyalty and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Multilingual Support and Cultural Sensitivity

Language barriers are a common challenge in customer support, particularly for global businesses. However, AI technologies are breaking down these barriers by providing multilingual support capabilities. This is especially helpful for smaller teams who do not have the scale or expertise to manage multiple languages.With AI assistance, translation services (often found in the form of chatbots) can instantly translate customer inquiries and responses, facilitating seamless communication between support agents and customers from different language backgrounds. Additionally, AI systems can be trained to recognize cultural nuances and adapt responses accordingly, ensuring sensitivity and cultural appropriateness in customer interactions.

Predictive Maintenance and Issue Resolution

AI can revolutionize support departments by shifting from reactive to proactive support models. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, AI systems can analyze historical data and identify patterns that indicate potential product issues or failures. This enables support teams to take preemptive action rather than simply reacting to any given situation. These efforts can include contacting customers with affected products or conducting proactive maintenance, thereby reducing downtime and customer dissatisfaction.As AI continues to mature in the coming years and decades, the support department must be agile to respond to the increasing needs and expectations of customers. 40 minute phone waits are no longer acceptable when this much information is readily available to both AI agents and humans empowered by AI to make the right decision. For teams interested in scaling their use of AI to support internal needs, a tool like Xembly can also provide remarkable support to everyday teams struggling to keep up with their work as everyday challenges like scheduling, note taking, and task management bog them down in the weeds.

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