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Product Highlights 2023

Pete Christothoulou
Feb 2, 2024
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Any year at a startup always makes an incredible difference, but 2023 was truly an EPIC year at Xembly. Here’s a sample of some of the product releases in 2023.
product highlights 2023

What a difference a year makes in the world of AI

Any year at a startup always makes an incredible difference, but 2023 was truly an EPIC year at Xembly. I’m so proud of what our teams have accomplished and deeply grateful to all Xembly customers and users who kept pushing us to do our best.  

I was reviewing all the product updates from 2023 and it blew me away, truth be told, this list isn’t even half of it. Here’s just a sampling of what we did in 2023:

The world’s only AI productivity platform for enterprises, opened up to the public

We went from closed/invite-only beta to opening up to all enterprises. Since we launched in July, we’ve seen thousands of users at enterprises outsource administrative tasks like scheduling, note-taking, and task management to Xembly’s AI and free up capacity to do high-value work.

Xembly is now available to all enterprises.

Xena now does recaps and can attend meetings in your place
  • AI transcripts are easy, but getting your AI model to deliver high-quality recaps (without hallucinating/making up facts!) is much harder. Nonetheless, we made that happen in 2023. Xembly now delivers a concise recap of what was talked about in the meeting, and a highly accurate list of action items, with auto-tagged speakers and due dates. The transcript and video recaps are also available if you want them.
  • 2023 was the year of hybrid work and return-to-office. Xembly deployed voice fingerprinting technology so that your meeting notes/summary workflow never missed a beat. Identify voices and speakers even in a crowded conference room with a single microphone/camera and make sure that people’s perspectives and action items are correctly attributed. No other meeting assistant can do that!
  • You can now also send Xena in your place to take notes. It’s not just the host that gets a summary, now anyone can send a note-taker to a meeting and get the summary, even if they can’t attend themselves.
Xembly gives you a meeting recap with action times in addition to a transcript and recording.

Your AI executive assistant, Xena, got a whole bunch of new features
  • Use Xena for creative soundboarding, or you know, ask Xena to tell you a joke.
  • Instead of using the default name Xena note-taker, you can now customize the name that appears in your meetings. 
  • You can now ask Xena to include additional attendees to existing meeting, and even ask Xena to mark some people as optional
  • Start the day by knowing what’s coming by asking “show me my to-do list” or “what’s on my calendar?”
  • Customize your calendar to your liking, full-on with different colors, emojis, and availability.
Xena helps you keep track of open tasks. Just ask Xena what’s on your to-do list.

Better enterprise setup and support
  • Some people don’t want Xena in every meeting, so you can now exclude sensitive roles like the CEO, the legal team, or HR from automatic recordings of meetings.
  • Got colleagues across multiple time zones? Just tell Xena what time zone you want a meeting set up in and Xena will account for that.
  • Need to turn your recording into an internal training video, you can now download the raw transcript with time stamps and use it to create subtitles for your next training video or for colleagues in other time zones. 
  • Our engineering team worked hard on ensuring Xembly remains robust and reliable even as we scaled users 10x over the past year.
Xembly is built for the enterprise, full-on with an admin dashboard and customizations.

Automated workflows and integrations
  • Xena can now share meeting notes with attendees by default, no extra steps required. So easy. 
  • We have added integration to Confluence, Salesforce, HubSpot and many more, so you can easily push your notes and action items to other systems of record.
Xembly fits into your existing tech stack and integrates with the most popular platforms.

Improved user experience with Xena
  • You can now interact with Xena from within meetings by either asking Xena to join or leave the meeting. 
  • You can easily pause the recording mid-way through your meeting with the improved UI for starting and stopping the recording. 
  • Finally, any new users will experience a much-improved onboarding and product tour so they can get the most out of Xembly from the get-go. 
You can now send a notetaker to the meetings you can’t attend and get a recap.

I’m super proud of the product team and what they have accomplished, and seeing so many new users boost their productivity with the help of Xembly. 

I also asked our brilliant CTO, Jason Flaks, what he was most excited about, here is his response: 

“I’m excited about our ability to take modern AI algorithms and technology and turn them into a customer-facing product that delivers on the promise of automating mundane tasks for knowledge workers. There is so much hype around AI and Large Language Models, but Xembly and our top-notch team of amazing talent, is the first company that appears to be actually delivering on the promise of truly automating tasks for people using AI.” 

2024 is going to be another exciting year and I can’t wait to see what this team brings to the market and our enterprise customers.

— Pete

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