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Xembly launches powerful AI integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, and other CRMs

Ziad Ismail
Sep 28, 2023
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Work just got easier! Xembly Summary automatically syncs with your CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot, and dozens of others so that you never have to worry about taking and syncing your meeting notes and action items again.
Xembly integration with Salesforce and Hubspot

TL;DR - Work just got easier! Xembly Summary automatically syncs with your CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot, and dozens of others so that you never have to worry about taking and syncing your meeting notes and action items again.

At Xembly, we've been listening closely to the challenges faced by sales and customer service professionals. Their number one pain point? Devoting over four hours every week to monotonous data entry in CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot.

We think this sucks. Sales and customer service teams shouldn't have to mindlessly copy notes into CRM systems, and instead be freed up to channel their energy to serving customers.

Key features

Xembly is an all-in-one AI-powered Executive Assistant that transforms the modern workplace by enabling employees to harness the power of AI to regain control of their time. Xembly effortlessly automates and streamlines scheduling, collaboration, and productivity-related tasks with remarkable accuracy throughout users' workflows.

We're delighted to announce automatic CRM sync for meeting notes and tasks:

  • Seamless CRM data sync: Summarizes all your customer calls with an automatically-generated meeting summary with action items, including a video link to key moments, AND automatically posts this as meeting notes to the correct account/contact record, so everyone on your team is on the same page about what the customer said and what was committed.
  • Streamlined task/action item capture: Say goodbye to manual task assignment. Xembly Summary seamlessly adds tasks with assigned owners and due dates to specific accounts, contacts, and deals/opportunities in Salesforce and Hubspot.
  • Perfect CRM tagging: Xembly automatically looks up and tags relevant customer records and fields in Salesforce or Hubspot to specific accounts, contacts, and deals/opportunities, so that your meeting with the customer is recorded.
  • Efficient scheduling: Xembly goes the extra mile by scheduling dedicated block time and follow-ups on your calendar for meeting action items. And like a good executive assistant, it can even protect your time by sliding any incomplete work blocks and follow-up reminders forward on your calendar. Now your time is always protected for those critical customer follow-ups.
  • Totally customizable: Thanks to Xembly's flexible workflow, you can even optionally update custom fields within customer records, and even add new contact records for existing accounts automatically based on your meetings.

See how it works

We asked Courtney McKlveen, a leader with 20+ years of sales leadership experience to record her experience with using Xembly's CRM sync. Check out how she uses Xembly to keep her Hubspot CRM updated.

The bottom line

We understand the importance of maintaining crystal-clear customer records in your CRM. However, forcing Sales and Customer Success teams to take manual meeting notes and copy-paste manual updates in CRMs can be overwhelming.

  • Eliminate 4-7 hours weekly of manual activity data logging. Xembly helps teams regain the time spent on updating meeting notes and tasks in CRMs like Salesforce.
  • Eliminate bad customer experience due to disconnects between CS and Sales. When your team is not the same page with you about customer data in the CRM, bad disconnects can occur, particularly between sales and customer service where multiple teams may be in touch with the same customer. In a study of over 1200 CRM users, data provider found that over 72% of users reported revenue impacts of 10%+ due to bad CRM/incomplete data. Xembly helps teams fix this problem by capturing perfect meeting notes and tasks/follow-ups.
  • Eliminate missed customer follow-ups and sales/CS anxiety in action item tracking. Xembly automatically tracks important action items for our users and proactively blocks time for them on their calendars to get it done. Our users have experienced a 30% increase in action item completion with Xembly.

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