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A Slack message to Xena next to a screenshot of a Xembly schedule and a meeting on a calendar interface.

Schedule effortlessly

Xembly handles the calendar chaos for you so scheduling a meeting is as easy as sending an email or Slack.

Like a great executive assistant, Xembly learns your habits and optimizes your schedule.

Meeting Summaries, made perfect

Sendings notes after your meetings keeps everyone informed and accountable. Now Xembly does that work for you. No need to decode a transcript.

Xembly automatically captures key meeting details, writes readable notes, and summarizes action items that matter.

Meeting summary
A Slack message to Xena next to a screenshot of a Xembly schedule and a meeting on a calendar interface.

To dos, finally getting done

The problem with to-do lists? No one makes time to help you do them. So your working hours become other people’s meeting hours.

Xembly automatically tracks your to-do list and blocks time on your calendar to get them done. Finally, your calendar reflects your priorities.

Common Questions

What can Xembly do for me?

On average, users save 7+ hours a week with Xembly’s support across everyday workstreams:

  • Prepare for meetings, including by creating agendas and other items.
  • Schedule meetings at the most convenient time for all, including from any Slack channel.
  • Capture accurate meeting notes, action items, and owners; publish action items to the owner’s to-do list when notes are shared!
  • Capture and manage priorities (to-dos) and optimize time.
  • Help with day to day items like creative support.
Where can I learn more about getting started with Xembly?

Ask for help in the Slack Community, email us at, or browse our collection of Getting Started articles.

Can I trust Xembly with my data?

Yes. Xembly is SOC 2 certified and trusted daily by Fortune 500 companies. For more information, check out our Security page.

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