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Announcing Xembly Attendee Driven Summary: Meeting Notes done the right way

Peter Francis
Nov 2, 2023
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One Meeting. One Truth. With Xembly. Today we announce the evolution of this ethos with our feature: The Attendee Driven Summary.
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In the wake of the pandemic, one challenge that professionals across the globe have faced is a confusing flood of meeting recording and transcription tools. These tools, though helpful in their own right, have inadvertently led to a fragmentation in the way meetings are documented. 

With everyone making their own notes and deriving their own interpretations from meetings, we end up creating multiple “versions of truth” of what happened in the meeting.

This fragmentation leads to confusion, miscommunication, and inefficiencies. What we need is a centralized system designed for teamwork and collaboration to capture a meeting. And that’s exactly how we designed Xembly’s meeting note-taking feature.

One Meeting. One Truth. With Xembly.

From its inception, our platform was centered around the ethos of team-based work, ensuring that regardless of how many voices participated in a meeting, there was always a unified version of the truth.

Over the last year, we’ve launched important features like support for hybrid meetings where individual speakers can be identified even in crowded conference rooms and automatic sharing of notes to platforms like Slack and Salesforce.

Today we announce the evolution of this ethos with our feature: The Attendee Driven Summary.

How Does The Attendee Driven Summary Work?

Automated, Worry-Free Note-taking: Even if you're not the meeting organizer, you can still participate in note-taking and edit the automated summary if you’d like. Xembly automates video capture, recaps, and action item detection for you.

Now you - and all other attendees - can focus on the meeting with the knowledge that Xembly is taking the notes and recording the action items. This lets you be more present in the meeting and able to contribute your best work. 

Turn on the “Get Meeting Summary” toggle to send Xembly’s notetaker into the meeting and take notes.

Collaborative Editing: Break down the silos. With our team editing feature, team members can refine and finalize the meeting summary, capturing all perspectives.

Meetings are often called because of varying perspectives or opinions. “How do we maximize growth in Q2?” The meeting notes should reflect the variety of positions held and the different points of view. By making post-meeting notes-editing a collaborative process, Xembly makes sure each person feels heard and their points and positions considered. This can help to remove some bias from notes and stop single individuals from skewing the perspectives presented. 

Collaborative editing of Action Items and Recaps in Xembly ensures that all attendees see the same version of the meeting notes.

Unified Action Item Management & Reporting: Our system transforms your discussions into actionable items. Monitor progress, assign tasks, and manage deadlines, all from within Xembly. Need to see what actions were generated in last week’s standup? Just click over to last week’s summary and review the done status/checkboxes against each item.

Meetings can be spaces where grand plans and ideas come together. One of the problems lots of companies face is that many of these plans are never put into practice. With Xembly, meeting action items just flow into each user’s task list, assists them in blocking time to do those, and tracks the done status of each item. 

Privacy First: We understand the importance of data security, especially in the enterprise context. With our advanced privacy controls, administrators can set the retention policy for recordings and transcripts, while preserving the critical action items. 

As a platform built with enterprise access in mind, Xembly lets you also control who can see notes and secures how those are shared using the highly secure Google calendar security that you already use today. With Xembly, we give you control over access and permissions in order to make those decisions.

Empower Your Team With Xembly

Xembly’s Attendee Driven Summary is more than just a feature; it's a belief that we do some of our best work together as teams. When we get together in a meeting to solve a problem or discuss our work, we’re taking the time to get the whole team to understand individual perspectives and common ground. 

Having unified meeting notes reflects and supports that commitment to shared time and information together as a work group.

Want to create shared truth in your organization with Xembly and the power of the Attendee Driven Summary? Get Xembly

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